How to Harvest Shasta Daisy Seeds


With their big, white blooms and sunny, yellow centers, Shasta daisies are some of the most recognizable flowers. They are easy to grow, even for beginning gardeners, and their long stems make them ideal to cut for bouquets. Shasta daisies are prolific bloomers, and if you save a few of the healthiest blooms, you can have plenty of seeds to save for planting the next spring.

Step 1

Choose a healthy Shasta daisy plant to save for harvesting seeds, and allow one healthy bloom to wilt and fade naturally. Don't deadhead the bloom or cut them for bouquets.

Step 2

Watch for a dry, brown seed head to develop at the top of the stem, where the center, yellow button was. Pinch off the seed head and put it on a paper plate.

Step 3

Put the paper plate in a well-ventilated place away from wind or drafts, and allow the seed head to dry for several days. When the seed head is brittle, and the seeds are easily released when you scrape your fingernail across the top, it's dry enough.

Step 4

Hold the seed head over a pie plate. Holding it with one hand, poke the center out and crumble the seed head with your index finger. Blow lightly to separate the debris from the small seeds, which will be narrow and gold-colored.

Step 5

Store the Shasta daisy seeds in a paper envelope. Put them in cool, dry place until spring.

Things You'll Need

  • Shasta daisy bloom
  • Paper plate
  • Pie plate
  • Envelope


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