How to Water Outdoor Hanging Plants


Household plants can be an ideal addition to your home, bringing color, scents of fresh flowers, and natural life. They can be hung inside or outside, and are simple to care for. Many people choose to hang plants outside of their home, like on a patio or balcony, to provide sunlight and fresh air. It is important to water the plants properly to make sure you provide them with enough hydration, as well as so you don't damage anything with water around the plants such as furniture.

Step 1

Fill a deep sink with water about halfway full. It needs to be deep enough so that the hanging plant can sit in it with the bottom submersed in water a couple inches.

Step 2

Use a ladder for plants more high up, and remove the hanging plant from its hook carefully and slowly so you do not drop it.

Step 3

Place the hanging plant into the sink with water so the bottom of it is submersed. Do not let it overflow into the top of the plant's pot. You just want the bottom area to be soaked in water so the water can be absorbed through the holes in the pot, being sucked up by the roots to the top of the plant. Watch for when the soil stops bubbling slightly.

Step 4

Take the hanging plant pot out of the sink and water, and place it in an outside area to drain so once it is hung up again it won't drip and damage furniture or flooring.

Step 5

Hang the plant back up, using the ladder if necessary, when you are sure it is not dripping anymore.

Step 6

Check your plants often to see if they are in need of water, as hanging ones need more than usual because of air circulation around the top of the plant, as well as the roots.

Things You'll Need

  • Sink
  • Ladder, if necessary
  • Water


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