How to Build a Rustic Trellis


Build a rustic garden trellis for growing your favorite flowers and vegetables. Use natural items that evoke the feeling of begin outdoors, like twigs and branches. Scout your backyard for old tree limbs and branches you can recycle into a rustic trellis. Local landscaping businesses also sell treated woods like pine and cedar that can be used to help design a rustic outdoor trellis. If you have a small patio, plant the feet of the trellis into colorful outdoor containers. Add a creeping vine to the container or colorful rose bush for a beautiful focal point to your outside space.

Step 1

Choose a level surface in your garden to create and house your rustic trellis. Remove all small rocks, weeds and other debris. Rake over the surface to smooth and prep the surface area.

Step 2

Peruse your outdoor landscape for downed branches and twigs to use to build the rustic trellis. Young tree branches are easily bent and very pliable and are ideal in creating the rustic look. Use old clippings when pruning a tree or bush to help build the trellis.

Step 3

Measure the area where the trellis will stand to help to establish the correct dimension of the rustic trellis. Create a "blueprint" to refer to as you begin your project. Keep in mind any plants or vegetables you might grow to help you decide the width and height for supporting heavy crops.

Step 4

Using wire and small nails, attach the branches together. Crisscross the branches over each other, forming a lattice-shaped design. At the cross section of each branch, hammer one to two nails. Wrap wire around each section once or twice for added support. Twist the ends to secure the wire.

Step 5

Make sure at least one half of the foot of the trellis is buried into the soil. Dig a hole into the ground to place the branches. Place the branch "feet" into the dug holes and using the soil, fill up the sides. Press firmly down to create a tight fit for the branches. Alternatively, and for added support, secure the trellis to a garden wall or fence.

Step 6

Plant colorful creeping vines in the ground at the base of the trellis. Creeping jasmine or sedum will add a vibrant and exotic look to your trellis. Water the plants twice a week until the roots have become established.

Things You'll Need

  • Rake
  • Branches
  • Measuring tape
  • Wire
  • Nails
  • Shovel
  • Plants


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