How to Decorate With Outdoor Plants


Outdoor plants add color and texture to any area. Learning how to decorate with outdoor plants requires basic plant knowledge concerning lighting, soil and water requirements. Any plant lends itself to decorating, whether it is an outdoor living space or a bright indoor room. Placement is the key to a successful decorating plan.

Step 1

Create a colorful entryway to your home with strategically placed potted, flowering plants. For an entrance with steps, decorate each step with outdoor plants that bloom throughout the growing season. Substitute cinder blocks or wood risers placed at various levels for an entrance without steps.

Step 2

Add privacy to an outdoor living space by planting climbing plants, like morning glories, clematis or trumpet vine on a trellis built behind the area. Plant clumps of ornamental grass in strategic locations to add a sense of dimension and depth to outdoor living spaces when fully grown.

Step 3

Decorate for holidays with potted geraniums or petunias planted in the same container. Combine the flowers with spikes or an ivy for more texture. Color coordinate the blooms for the different seasons.

Step 4

Use coleus anywhere you want a splash of color. The varieties and colors are astounding. Used as a backdrop or filler for other plants, decorating with these outdoor plants is easy.

Step 5

Arrange spring bulbs in a pattern or design with the different types and colors available. A flag can be made using red, white and blue tulips.

Things You'll Need

  • Variety of potted plants
  • Selection of block or wood platforms
  • Simple yard art pieces


  • Planters
  • Decorate with Nature
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