How to Build a Path in the Garden Using Sand


Building a beautiful sandy path to meander along on warm summer evenings can be a fun weekend project. Use a few simple items and transform your garden into an inviting focal point, a place to watch your flowers and plants grow. Along your path, nestle solar lights for dark evenings. Consider using plants that can benefit from sandy soil---and, overtime, add a fresh layer of sand for an instant touch-up.

Step 1

Pick the area in your garden where you want your sand path. Clear out all debris, including any weeds, rocks or twigs. Rake over the surface to level out and prep the surface.

Step 2

Dig a 5-inch-wide trench around the perimeter of the path. Insert 6-inch flexible landscape edging, which comes in rolls of 20 or 40 feet. Fill the sides with remaining soil and press into the ground.

Step 3

Rake out the surface again to remove any soil or debris. Layer 2 to 4 inches of sand along the edging and inside the parameters of the path. Using a 24-inch by 1/4-inch sand rake, smooth down the sand by starting at one end of the path and working your way down. Alternatively, you could use a regular rake to smooth down the path.

Step 4

Scoop up extra sand to use for future touch-ups. Walk over the garden path to help pack down your new garden walkway.

Step 5

Add fragrant herbs such as thyme and oregano to create a fragrance when walking through your garden.

Things You'll Need

  • Rake
  • Shovel
  • Landscape edging
  • Soil
  • Sand
  • Sand rake
  • Plants


  • Sunset
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