What Is Portulaca?


Portulaca is a trailing annual plant, a plant that only grows for one year and grows from new seeds the next. Portulaca is a type of moss rose and is a native of Brazil.


Portulaca has stems that grow from 4 to 6 inches tall. Flowers come in purple, scarlet, yellow, pink and other colors, and can be single or double blooms.


Portulaca need full sun and a sandy soil. It can be grown in all hardiness zones.


Sow Portulaca directly outside after all danger of frost is past . Plants should be thinned to 3 inches apart. Or plant in hanging baskets and containers.


Portulaca needs water during dry spells and just a light amount of fertilizer. Portulaca stems are succulents and hold a lot of water.


Portulaca is susceptible to a disease known as white rust which causes the branches and leaves to become swollen and deformed. Infected plants have to be destroyed.


Portulaca grows well in rock gardens, in crevices in rock walls, and as ground covers in hot, sunny areas.


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