How to Make a Trellis From Branches


A garden trellis creates a rustic and natural addition to your garden space. Using items found around your home, like downed branches and twigs, recycles nature's waste while keeping costs down. If you live in a small space where you don't have soil or earth to plant your trellis, you could use a large container to nestle your trellis into. Use the trellis to train your favorite plants and vegetables to grow up and over and create the perfect backdrop to your garden landscape.

Step 1

Choose a level surface area in your garden to build and house your branch trellis. Remove all small rocks, twigs and debris. Rake over the soil to create a smooth surface.

Step 2

Look around your yard for old tree branches and twigs to use for your trellis. Free when found in your own yard, they can create a sturdy and long-lasting design. Young sapling branches are very pliable and can be incorporated into your trellis design. Look around the woods for downed tree trunks that could be sawed down and used.

Step 3

Measure the location where your trellis will stand to help determine the correct dimension of your branch trellis. Create a "blueprint" to help guide you through this process. Keep in mind any plants or vegetables you plan to grow to help you decide the ideal height.

Step 4

Take galvanized wire and small nails and attach the branches together. Crisscross the branches over one another until you have reached the correct height and width. Wet the branches beforehand to ensure a pliable stem to use in hard-to-reach areas inside the trellis

Step 5

Make sure at least 1 foot of the trellis is buried into the ground. Dig a hole to insert the branches. Place the branch feet into the hole and fill up the sides with soil. Press the soil down to create a snug fit for the branches. Alternatively, you could attach the branch trellis to a garden wall for added support.

Step 6

Plant flowers in the ground at the base of the trellis. Creeping grapevines will create a stunning and lush design and grow every year. Water the newly planted vine once a week until fully established.

Things You'll Need

  • Rake
  • Branches
  • Measuring tape
  • Galvanized wire
  • Nails
  • Shovel
  • Plants


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