How to Propagate Thornless Blackberries


Once you have established a thriving thornless blackberry patch, you can propagate new plants by "tip layering" the canes. This process involves burying first-year shoots and waiting until they root. Transplant them the following spring as new thornless blackberry plants.

Step 1

Choose long stems that have not borne fruit in the middle of September. Look for vibrant stems with no imperfections.

Step 2

Bend the stem toward the soil. Dig a hole 6 inches deep where the tip of the stem strikes the soil, then bury the tip.

Step 3

Pat the soil firmly around the buried stem tip. Place several stones over the site to hold the stem in place.

Step 4

Water the buried stem well.

Step 5

Check the stem the following spring and you should find roots growing beneath the soil. Cut the buried stem 12 inches above the soil surface with pruning shears.

Step 6

Dig up the new thornless blackberry plant with a trowel. Do not disturb the new roots.

Step 7

Transplant the specimen to a sunny location that is at least 4 feet away from other blackberry plants.

Things You'll Need

  • Trowel
  • Stones
  • Pruning shears


  • Blackberries
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