How to Start a Garden With Kids


Children love playing in the dirt. Start a garden with kids and teach them the rewards of playing in the dirt with plants. Growing vegetables and other plants in a small garden area benefits the kids while it teaches responsibility and care giving. When you start a garden with kids, you provide them with basic skills to be creative, productive and more environmentally conscious.

Step 1

Mark off a section of land large enough to provide space for the plants but small enough that a child will not feel overwhelmed when tending to the garden. The first experience in gardening with kids should be fun and not filled with lots of tedious, boring work.

Step 2

Select easy-to-grow plants like cucumbers and tomatoes for a kid's garden. Plants known for their finicky growth habits will discourage children about gardening. Also, the fewer the plants the easier the garden will be to maintain.

Step 3

Teach the kids about fertilizer and soil conditions by preparing the garden site for planting. Let them feel the soil before adding any compost or other additives. Explain what the compost is for and how the plants will use the added nutrients.

Step 4

Mark out the rows or sections to cultivate and plant the seeds or plants. Explain the information on the back of the seed packets while gardening with kids so they know the importance of sunlight, planting depth, and water requirements.

Step 5

Write everything down in the journal about when the seeds were planted, the soil and weather conditions and any other information the kids may feel is important for future gardens. Keeping a journal when you start a garden with kids helps them track data and teaches them what has worked in the past for successful gardening.

Tips and Warnings

  • Never allow children to use insecticides or chemicals without proper supervision and safety equipment.

Things You'll Need

  • Assortment of seeds
  • Gardening tools
  • Watering can or hose
  • Journal


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