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The peony tree is the national flower of China; at one time, only the emperor was allowed to grow them. They are technically a shrub rather than a tree, and can live to be over 200 years old.

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It can take up to 4 years for a peony tree to begin producing flowers. Peony trees have large flowers that can be a wide range of colors including yellow, purple, maroon and green. The flowers are fragrant and can be single or double.


Peony trees need plenty of space so air can circulate and help prevent the development of fungal diseases. They should also be in a place where they get protection from the wind. Peony trees are hardy as far north as zone 4.


Plant in a fertile, well drained soil. Plant slightly deeper than it was in the container and water well. Transplanting should be done in early fall.


Fertilize lightly in the spring and once again in the fall. Prune them to a height of from 4 to 5 feet. Prune dead branches back to the next live bud or completely to the ground.


Peony trees grow best in the back of a garden or by a fence or wall. They can also be grown in containers, but they must be outside in the winter. Cold temperatures help the flower buds form.


Peony trees are resistant to most diseases except for peony wilt, which appears in the spring as soft brown lesions at the base of new shoots and buds.


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