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If you're looking for a little shade from the summer sun, there are lots of varieties of shade trees you can plant. In addition to the benefit of shade, many provide fragrant blooms and colorful leaves, all adding to their enjoyment.

Elm trees are a popular choice for providing shade. image by Image by, courtesy of woodley wonderworks


There are hundreds of varieties of shade trees. Most are known for their vibrant orange, yellow and red colors in the fall, and some have lovely blooms in the spring.

Growth Rate

Growth rate depends on the the type of tree, but some shade trees can be planted one year and provide shade the next. The Royal Empress tree, for example, is the fastest growing shade tree and can reach up to 12 feet in one year.


Trees are considered shade trees if they exceed 25 feet at maturity.


A healthy shade tree requires occasional feeding and pruning. Raking leaves is the most time-consuming maintenance issue.


A mature shade-producing grows into one of seven shapes: round, oval, vase, columnar, weeping, spreading, or pyramidal. Consider which type will best compliment your landscape.


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