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Larkspurs are annuals, meaning they have a life span of 1 year and new plants are grown each year from seeds. They are wildflowers and members of the Delphinium genus of the Ranunculaceae, or buttercup, family.


Larkspur flowers can be pink, blue, rose, lavender or white. The flowers grow on spikes that can range from 1 to 7 feet in height. They are one of the first flowers that bloom in the spring.


Larkspur need full sun to partial shade, average soils and cool weather. It can grow in most of the continental United States with the exception of zone 10, the hottest part of Florida and California.


Larkspur seed should be planted outdoors right after all danger of frost is past. Seeds should be places 4 inches apart and seedlings thinned to 10 to 12 inches apart.


Keep the soil moist but well drained, giving them water 1 or 2 times a week during dry times. Feed with a general all-purpose fertilizer once a month just until the flowers appear.


Larkspur is susceptible to a fungal disease known as Sclerotium rot, which causes the leaves to turn yellow and wilt. It is also susceptible to mildew. Larkspur is poisonous to some animals, particularly cattle.


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