How to Kill Banana Plants


Banana plants are hearty growers. If a plant is diseased or doesn't meet the gardener's expectations, it needs to be killed. Unlike other plants, banana plant roots are very hearty and will sprout suckers and regrow the plant if it is cut down. To kill a banana plant, additional actions must be taken.

Step 1

Apply 200 ml of kerosene to the tree's base. Lightly pour the kerosene into the ground to ensure it is picked up by the roots. The tree will die in five to seven days.

Step 2

Carefully chop down the tree, layer by layer, beginning with the leaves to avoid harming any structures in the area.

Step 3

Completely dig up and chop up the root, and discard it in a trash recepticle. If any of the root is permitted to remain, a new plant will sprout.

Tips and Warnings

  • Signs that a banana tree is diseased include presence of the banana aphid or large amounts of ants on the tree.

Things You'll Need

  • 200 ml kerosene


  • Food and Fertilizer Technology Center
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