How to Water Jade Plants Indoors


Jade plants are unusual because they need more water than do most varieties of succulents. However, their soil needs to dry out completely and then they should be watered thoroughly. Try to keep the foliage of your jade plant as dry as possible; wet foliage invites fungal diseases.

Step 1

Set your jade plant in a large bucket or deep sink. It should be deep enough so that the pot is below the rim of the bucket or sink.

Step 2

Fill the bucket or sink up with water above the level of the top of the pot in which the jade plant is planted. Do not use cold water because it will shock your plant. Room temperature or slightly tepid water is best.

Step 3

Allow the plant to sit in the water until bubbles stop rising from the soil.

Step 4

Remove the jade plant from the bucket or sink.

Step 5

Allow the remaining excess water in the potting soil to drain out of the drainage hole in the bottom of the pot before returning the jade plant to its regular spot.

Tips and Warnings

  • Do not allow jade plants to sit in saucers that contain water; their roots will rot and it will be fatal.

Things You'll Need

  • Large bucket or deep sink


  • How to water jade plants indoors.

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  • Care and culture of jade plants.
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