How to Pick a Compost Bin


Composting at home has many advantages for your garden, the environment and your budget. You avoid loading up already congested landfills with organic household scraps and waste. Your garden grows more quickly and verdantly. All you need to do is select the best compost bin. There are many types and sizes available, so it might seem a daunting task. However, once you learn how to choose the best bin for you, the rest is easy.

Step 1

Estimate the size of your garden to determine how large of a compost bin you will need. For best results, layer compost 1 to 3 inches thick over your entire garden. While it is difficult to determine how much compost a bin will make in a specific time period, a 90-gallon bin should be sufficient for a family of three or four with a small backyard garden.

Step 2

Anticipate the types of materials you will be placing into the compost bin. If you plan to compost mostly food scraps, you might want to pick a food compost bin or perhaps a worm compost bin. A tumbling compost bin will be a better choice if you expect to compost garden materials, such as grass and leaves, along with paper and some kitchen scraps.

Step 3

Measure the area in your yard or garden in which you plan to place a compost bin. If you have a limited area, you might opt to pick a tall, narrow compost bin as opposed to a larger tumbler or square and squatty-styled compost bin.

Step 4

Imagine how a compost bin will look in your garden and accompanying your home. There are compost bins that resemble large, plastic trash containers, some made from wooden slats and even bins created to look like quaint bee boxes used by beekeepers to house hives. Consider your personal style and pick a compost bin that fits it.

Step 5

Determine your budget. While there are numerous compost bins with elaborate features and designer styles, you do not need an expensive model to do the job. If your budget is limited and you merely want a compost bin to fulfill your needs, a simple, inexpensive bin will suit you just fine.

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