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Many gardeners feel that roses are the ultimate plant to grow in the garden, due to their beautiful flowers and fragrance. They belong in the genus Rosa, which is broken down into 150 species. Roses come in every color and size imaginable, leaving the gardener many choices to select.

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Roses were first cultivated by the Chinese hundreds of years before Christ. Romans continued the cultivation and used their petals in celebrations, perfume and medical purposes. In the late 1700's, roses were introduced to Europe.


There are three types of roses, under which all varieties are classified. These types are species roses, old garden roses and modern roses.


Rose plants can range from ground covers, bushes and climbers. The flowers are usually born on thorny plants with deep green foliage.


Roses require six hours of sunlight each day. They should be gown in a well-draining soil that is high in organic matter and protected from wind.

Growth Habits

The three types are broken into categories determined by their growth habits. Miniatures grow one to two feet tall, floribunda grows two to three feet, hybrid tea grow three to five feet, grandiflora grows three to six feet, shrub and species grow six to eight feet and climbers grow six to 20 feet tall.


Roses are found throughout the Northern Hemisphere. They are located as far north as Alaska and as far south as Mexico and northern parts of Africa.


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