Facts About the Bamboo Plant


Bamboo is a member of the grass family of plants, ranging in size from a few feet tall to as high as 100 feet. Like other types of grasses, bamboo will grow to a point where they flower before creating seeds and then dying. Bamboo spreads by underground runners.


Bamboo grows in large clumps that can become quite dense. This occurs in tropical nations such as Brazil, India, Thailand, and Indonesia and in southern areas of China, although large stands of bamboo can also be found in the United States..

Time Frame

Bamboo shoots have the ability to grow with incredible speed, with some on record as growing 100 feet in a three-month span.


Bamboo shoots are a major part of Asian diets. Bamboo is also useful as a building material, in making utensils and in making paper.


The tendency for bamboo species to bloom and then die off all at once is a phenomenon that has dire consequences for giant pandas. This bear species of China is dependent on bamboo for a food source and must relocate to other areas when all the bamboo where it lives dies.

Fun Fact

There are estimates that half the people in the world utilize bamboo in some way every day, according to the Palomar Education website.


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