How to Keep Flowers in Pots Healthy


Potted flowers make colorful centerpieces or liven up a mantle. Keeping them healthy and producing blooms year after year ensures a low cost flower arrangement that doesn't fade and have to be replaced like cut flower arrangements. Caring for your potted flowers depends on the specific flower type, but all require the proper amounts of water, temperature and light. Check the plant stake or tag for specific requirements when caring for your flowers.

Step 1

Remove any foil or plastic decorative wrapping around the pot as this traps water and may drown the roots. Check that the pot has at least two drainage holes in the bottom. Drill in two to four holes if it doesn't or transplant to a different container.

Step 2

Transplant flowers that have outgrown their pots---noticeable if the plant's roots are growing out the drainage holes or the plant is lifting out of the soil. Fill a new pot that is two to three inches larger in diameter with a quality potting soil and plant the flower into this.

Step 3

Water as directed on the care tag--most plants require moist but not soggy soil. Water weekly or as needed to keep the soil evenly moist, or when the soil surface begins to dry. Add water until it runs out the bottom drainage holes.

Step 4

Apply a liquid houseplant fertilizer every two weeks during blooming and once a month after blooming but while foliage is still green. Do not feed plants that go dormant or die back in winter until they begin actively growing again.

Step 5

Remove dead or damaged leaves by snipping them off with clean scissors at the soil surface or where they emerge from the main stem. Snip off flower stems when there are no more buds on them to bloom.

Step 6

Deadhead spent blooms from flowers to improve the appearance and encourage further blooming. Snip or pinch off the spent flower ¼ inch above the nearest leaf set or bud.

Step 7

Keep potted flowers in a warm room during the daytime and move to a cooler area that is 60 to 65 degree F at night when they are in bloom. Avoid placing near drafts from windows and air or heat vents.

Step 8

Place potted flowers where they receive at least six hours of indirect bright sunshine when flowering. Choose a south or east facing window and shade with translucent curtains to block direct sun but provide plenty of light.

Tips and Warnings

  • Indoor flowers aren't immune to mites and other pests. Check regularly and treat with an insecticide as needed.

Things You'll Need

  • Pots
  • Potting soil
  • Fertilizer
  • Scissors


  • University of Wyoming Extension
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