How to Plant Peat Pots


Peat pots are an ingenious invention. These pots allow you to plant seeds early, indoors. When it's time to plant the seedlings, you can put the whole pot in the ground, as they are biodegradable. With a few tips, you will find the whole process easy and convenient.

Step 1

Fill the peat pots with potting soil to ¼ inch from the top. Commercial potting soil is perfect for planting seeds as it is weed seed and plant disease free.

Step 2

Place the peat pots in a non porous tray, such as metal or plastic. 12 to 14 peat pots per tray is a good balance.

Step 3

Pour approximately a quart of water into the tray bottom. Let the peat pots set overnight, soaking up the water and moistening the soil.

Step 4

Plant your seeds. Every type of seed is different, requiring different planting depths. This makes it important to follow the manufacturer's instructions found on the particular seed packet you have purchased. The smaller the seed, the shallower the seed hole will be. After making the indentation and dropping the seed in, move the soil over the top.

Step 5

Spray the top of the soil with a water mister, just enough to moisten the dirt. Check the pots each day. The soil must be kept moist for the seeds to germinate. Mist them if the soil starts to appear dry on top.

Step 6

Place the peat pot tray into a sunny window, indoors. When you pick up one of the peat pots and it feels light, it's time to water again. Add another quart of water to the tray. The seeds will soon germinate (seedlings pop through the soil).

Step 7

Plant the seedlings when the last frost has passed in your location. If you are planting vegetables, you will want to create rows in your vegetable garden. Dig holes with a trowel for each peat pot. If you are planting flowers, decide where in your yard they will be planted and dig holes in those spots. Follow the plant spacing directions on the seed packet.

Step 8

Dig a hole just slightly larger than the peat pot.

Step 9

Slice an X on the bottom of the peat pot with a sharp knife. Also slice down 2two sides of the pot. This will allow young roots to easily grow outwards.

Step 10

Drop the peat pots in the holes. Pour soil around the sides and on top. Make sure the entire pot is covered. Press gently down on the top of the soil to secure the plant into the ground.

Things You'll Need

  • Peat pots
  • Seeds
  • Potting soil
  • Tray
  • Water bottle mister
  • Sharp knife
  • Trowel (hand shovel)


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