How to Build a Pea Trellis


Peas are an easy vegetable to grow. First-time gardeners often don't realize, or they forget, that peas are a vine plant and can spread quickly. To keep your vines from choking other vegetables and to keep the peas off the ground, you should try to build a pea trellis. A pea trellis is one of the easier garden aides to construct and should only take about an hour at most.

Step 1

Saw off a corner of two of the boards so that there is a pointed end to each. This is the bottom of the legs. Stand each leg up one at a time so that the pointed end is facing the ground. Use the sledgehammer to drive the board halfway into the ground (about 3 feet). Hammer the other board into position, with the two boards facing each other, 6 feet away from the first board.

Step 2

Place the third beam across the top of the other two beams so that the ends meet. Nail the top beam into position with the nails. This creates your outer framework for the pea trellis.

Step 3

Use the ruler to measure the location for the string support nails. Measure out 10 inches from the top of a leg down the leg on the inside and mark the spot. Continue measuring 10 inches and marking until you are out of room. Repeat this process with the other leg. Measure the same spacing along the underside of the top beam.

Step 4

Nail the nails into the beams at the spots marked with a hammer. Drive each nail ¾ inch into the beam. This allows enough space behind the head for the string to be attached.

Step 5

Unwind the string for the netting. Tie off the end of the string at a bottom nail on one leg. Pull the string across to the corresponding nail on the opposite leg. Wrap the string around that nail and then pull the string up to the nail directly above that nail. Wrap the string around that nail and pull across to the corresponding nail opposite. Repeat this procedure until you reach the last nail at the top of the legs. Cut and tie off the string at that nail. You should now have a serpentine pattern between the upright beams.

Step 6

Tie the string to the first nail along the top beam. Drop the string down to the ground and cut the string at the ground. Loop the string around each crossing string and pull tight. Continue down the length and then tie it off at the last cross string. Repeat this procedure until all the vertical string have been laid creating a net pattern.

Things You'll Need

  • Saw
  • 2" x 4" x 6' boards (3)
  • Twine
  • 1-inch nails
  • Hammer
  • Scissors


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