Colorado Potato Beetle Information

Colorado Potato Beetle Information - Colorado Potato Beetle Pest Control

By Ronnie Dauber, Garden Guides Contributor

About Colorado Potato Beetle

Colorado potato beetles are six-legged pests that grow to be about 3/8 inch long and are yellow with ten black, longitudinal stripes on their rounded wing covers. They inhabit the vegetable garden as soon as host plants are available, at which time they lay their eggs.

Prevention and Control

These beetles can become resistant to chemical insecticides, and so it is recommended that there be an alternation of products used to prevent this adjustment and allow the greatest results. Such products include:
* Pyrethrins: most effective in cool temperatures.
* Rotenone: can be used alone or mixed with pyrethrins or methoxychlor
* Organo-chlorines: methoxychlor
* Carbamates: carbaryl
The plants need to be thoroughly doused in the solution so that the beetles are sure to eat some of it during their feeding time. This should be repeated every 5 to 7 days to get any larvae that will hatch.

Affected Plants

Colorado potato beetles live in low-lying, leafy plants such as potatoes, tomatoes, eggplants, pepper plants and tobacco.


Larvae and adult beetles feed on the leaves of host plants and can destroy the plant if the population is high and prevent a crop especially if the damage is done prior to the plants flowering.

Predator Insects

Some birds will dare to hone in on these pests, but in general, these beetles don't have to worry about being a target for other insects.

Natural Insecticides

Household ammonia, diluted with water and sprayed directly onto the pests, will destroy them immediately.

Other Methods of Control

It is possible to hand-pick these pests from small plants, but the task become too great when there is a large crop.

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