How to Build a Wood Trellis


Create a rustic wood trellis to use for growing your favorite summer vegetables or creeping vines. Grow delicious lima bean vines and baby pumpkins on your trellis. Use items found in your landscape like old twigs and branches. In the spring, use your prune trimmings to create a beautiful wood trellis. Free when found in your backyard and easy to manipulate, wood branches also are environmentally friendly and will create a virtually cost-free project while recycling outdoor waste.

Step 1

Select a place in your garden where your wood trellis will sit. Remove any large rocks or weeds in the area. Smooth out the surface area and level out the ground with a rake.

Step 2

Choose your trellis material. Old hedge posts are sturdy and won't cost a dime when found in your own backyard. Scavenge around your home and basement for old wood.

Step 3

Measure the spot where your trellis will stand using your measuring tape to determine the exact proportions. Create an outline to refer to as you begin to build the wood trellis. Keep in mind the plants and flowers you'll cultivate on your trellis to help you determine height and width.

Step 4

Using heavy-duty wire and screws, attach the trellis material together to create a sound and sturdy fit. Insert the screws at each cross section of the trellis. Wet the branches or saplings so they can easily bend into a tight-fitting spot or corner of the trellis structure.

Step 5

Dig a large enough hole so one quarter of the post is covered into the soil. Place the hedge into the hole and fill with compost. Push firmly down around the base of the trellis to secure the posts into the ground. For more support, use garden wire and secure the wood trellis to a wall or fence.

Tips and Warnings

  • Wear heavy-duty gardening gloves and protective goggles to prevent injury.

Things You'll Need

  • Rake
  • Hedge posts
  • Measuring tape
  • Wire
  • Screws
  • Shovel
  • Plants


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