How to Make a Trellis for Pole Beans


While some gardeners prefer the taste of bush beans that grow along the ground, others swear by the taste of pole beans that continue to supply fresh crop all through the summer. These prolific climbers grow up to eight feet in height and require a trellis or support of some kind. A teepee trellis is commonly used because it is attractive, yet functional, and takes up little garden space. Make the trellis before you plant seeds to avoid breaking the delicate root system of the beans.

Step 1

Select a suitable place in your garden that receives full sunlight, and remove any rocks, stones or debris from the site.

Step 2

Draw an outline of a circle that has a three-foot diameter using a rake or hoe, and mark six evenly spaced points along the edge for a single teepee trellis. If you want to make several trellises, space them at least three feet from one another.

Step 3

Cut six eight-foot long poles from pre-treated wood, aluminum poles or PVC pipes that are two to three inches in diameter.

Step 4

Take one pole at a time and push an end of it eight inches into the mark on the ground. Make sure you angle it slightly inwards so all the poles tops meet. You may need someone to help you hold the poles as you insert all of them.

Step 5

Tie all the poles together firmly several inches from the top with rope or wire.

Step 6

Pack soil around the base of each pole and tamp it down with your feet to secure the teepee and prevent it from falling over in high winds or rain.

Step 7

Tie wire or rope to one of the poles two feet from the top and stretch it around all the poles, one at a time. This will help secure the teepee and allow the beans to cling to the structure easily. Continue weaving rope or wire the same way at every one-foot interval from the previous row.

Step 8

Create a five-inch mound at the base of each pole and plant five bean seeds there. Cover them with soil and water thoroughly. Do not over-water the seeds until they germinate, but evenly moisten the soil. The seeds will germinate in a week to 10 days.

Step 9

Wrap tiny tendrils of pole beans as they grow around the base of the teepee trellis to encourage them to grow upwards. Pole beans usually climb a vertical structure with little or no training.

Things You'll Need

  • Rake
  • Hoe
  • Circular saw
  • Six 8-foot poles
  • Rope or wire


  • Trellising Basics
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