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Grapes are grown as table fruit, wine fruit and to dry into raisins. The fruit is born on vines that can live more than 100 years and still produce grapes. Caring for grapevines is necessary for continued growth and production of fruit.

Proper care of grapevines helps produce abundant crops.

Prune vines when they are dormant.


Prune grapevines when they are dormant. The amount of pruning is species dependent; some require heavy pruning, and others only light cutting.

Established vines have only moderate fertilizer requirements.


Once vines are established, fertilize moderately. Excessive fertilization causes excessive wood and leaf growth and reduced fruiting.

Extended draught damages and kills grapevines.


The grapevine requires moderate irrigation. The soil should not be allowed to dry out for extended periods or the plant will suffer.

A number of trellising methods are used to train vines.


A number of methods for trellising and training vines have been developed. Choose a suitable trellising method for the space you have available and train the vines on it.

Heavy bunches of grapes result from proper care and attention.


Two vines require a minimum of an eight-by-eight-foot area for growing. A trellis that reaches across the space can be used to train two vines in any of a number of methods.


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