The Advantages of Fertilizers

Fertilizers are additives used to amend the soil for farming or gardening purposes. They add nutrients back to the soil that plants need to be healthy and productive. There are many advantages to using fertilizers, including increased food production, increased photosynthesis and more efficient water usage.

Increased Food Production

Fertilizers add nitrogen to the soil. Nitrogen is the most important building block for plant health, and increased absorption of nitrogen leads to an increase in budding and in fruit production. Grains, fruits, nuts and all flowering plants increase their productivity when nitrogen is added to their soil.

Healthier Plants

Fertilizers add potassium to the soil, which is important for photosynthesis. When proper levels of potassium are available to plants, they will photosynthesize at a much higher rate. This means they will be greener, healthier and more capable of enduring droughts and exposure to cold.

Efficient Water Usage

Fertilizers add phosphorous to the soil, an important element in determining how plants use water. Higher phosphorous levels allow plants to use water more efficiently, aiding their health in dry weather and saving money on watering them.

Improved Soil Structure

A large amount of fertilizer is nutrients, but there are benefits to even the filler that is added to fertilizer. The filler in fertilizer helps to improve the overall structure of the soil, making it hold together more, absorb and hold water more efficiently and resist erosion from wind and wet weather.

Smaller, Greener Farms

Fertilizers have allowed farmers to make their land more efficient, meaning they can grow more and healthier plants in less space, adding to their yields and minimizing the destruction of the natural habitats surrounding them. This also leads to increased oxygen production in plants, helping to reduce the greenhouse effect.

Improved Aesthetics

Fertilizers are absorbed quickly into simple plants like grass, making them an easy and ideal way to beautify your home by making your lawn thicker and greener. The same fertilizers can be used to help perk up wilting plants such as ornamental bushes and shrubs.

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