How to Harvest Thornless Blackberries


Many blackberry varieties thrive in a home garden. Some gardeners know thornless blackberries as trailing blackberries. Support thornless blackberries with a trellis system as they grow. Blackberry plants produce fruit on canes that grew during the previous growing season, and then these canes are finished producing berries. When thornless blackberry canes have ripe berries, pick them carefully and enjoy the sweet harvest.

Step 1

Watch the thornless blackberry plants as the berries appear and grow. When the blackberries are ripe, they will be large and a deep, purple-black color. You can also determine when blackberries are ripe by the ease with which you can remove them from the stems. Ripe blackberries come off the stems with little to no effort.

Step 2

Choose a day that is sunny and dry. Use your index finger and thumb to break off the ripe berries. Do not pull the blackberries from the stems; break them off from the stems.

Step 3

Place the blackberries into the shallow pan. Avoid bruising or crushing the berries by handling them very carefully.

Step 4

Keep unwashed blackberries in the refrigerator. Wash them as you need them and use within several days.

Things You'll Need

  • Shallow pan


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