How to Fertilize Encore Azaleas


Encore azaleas are crossbreeds of spring-blooming azaleas and summer-blooming rhododendrons. By crossbreeding these two shrubs, Encore azaleas bloom in the spring, summer and fall. Fertilize your Encore azaleas so that they thrive and grow large, plentiful flowers.

Step 1

Wait until after the last frost (usually in March or April) to fertilize Encore azaleas. If you plant your azaleas in the spring or summer, apply fertilizer after planting. However, if you planted your bushes in the fall or winter, don't fertilize them until after the spring.

Step 2

Fertilize using azalea fertilizer or azalea feed, as marked on the packaging. There are many brands of azalea feed and fertilizer, so read dosing instructions carefully. Generally, about a tablespoon of fertilizer is needed per plant. Some granular fertilizers are sprinkled over the root area of the plants, while others must first be dissolved in water before applying.

Step 3

Repeat fertilizing at specific intervals. Again, each brand of feed is different, but generally, you should reapply every one to two weeks.

Step 4

Stop fertilizing your Encore azaleas after August. Fertilizer encourages new buds and you don't want new buds forming for the approaching dormant season.

Things You'll Need

  • Azalea Feed


  • Example Azalea Feed Directions
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