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Sunflowers are tall, fast growing leafy annuals that reach heights of up to 16 feet. Sunflower seeds have more than one use.

The sunflower is grown for its seeds.

Bird Seed

The seeds are highly prized as birdseed, especially for winter birds. The high oil content provides calories needed for energy.


Nutrition information per 1 oz. serving: 166 calories; 14g fat (2g saturated); 6g carbohydrate; 6g protein; 3g fiber; 115mg sodium.


Oil from sunflower seeds has a light taste and supplies more vitamin E than any other oil. There are no trans-fats in sunflower oil.

Commericial sunflower growing produces billions of pounds of seeds.


The sunflower is a native of the U.S., but the first commercialization took place in Russia.

Sunflowers were first grown by Native Americans.


The Native Americans first domesticated the sunflower into a single headed plant and grew it as a food resource.


In 2008, the production of sunflower seed was nearly 3.5 billion pounds, of which 3 billion pounds was used to produce oil.


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