How to Organize Gardening Gloves


Garden gloves keep your hands clean, prevent you from getting calluses, and protect you from injury from debris in the soil. They also prevent your skin from coming into contact with substances that most people don't want to touch, such as animal feces. When choosing garden gloves, be sure to buy a pair that is washable.

Step 1

Purchase at least two pairs of garden gloves, especially if you are an avid gardener. If a pair gets wet or you have just washed them, you'll have another pair to use in the meantime.

Step 2

Prepare a place to store your garden gloves. A well-ventilated area is best since your gloves will usually get wet during use. Hooks hung on a wall in your shed or garage work well. If don't have a place to hang hooks, you can lay your gloves on a nonporous surface. Don't use anything that can absorb moisture, such as a cardboard box--it can promote the growth of mold.

Step 3

Shake off soil or vegetation and hang up the gloves. There are usually small loops on the gloves to help you store them. If you have large hooks, you can hang the entire glove over the hook to promote drying. If you are laying your gloves on a nonporous surface, set them down with the palm side facing up. Flip them once the exposed side dries.

Step 4

Organize gloves according to how you use them. If you have a pair just for manure or composting, keep them on the farthest hook or at the end of the table. The pair you use most often should be the most accessible. The gloves should not touch.

Things You'll Need

  • Gloves
  • Hooks
  • Table
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