How to Make a Simple Composting Bin


One of the best things you can give your garden is compost, especially compost made from organic matter from your own garden. A composting bin can be as simple as a piece of chicken wire fastened together to form a cylinder or as elaborate as a multi-bin system that becomes a permanent structure in your garden. A simple composting bin is all you need to produce compost in as little as six months using only organic waste from your own yard and garden.

Step 1

Choose a spot for the composting bin that is near the garden. It can be in sun or shade, but compost piles located where they get some sun tend to heat up faster and consequently decompose their organic matter faster.

Step 2

Use the pliers to fold back the cut ends of the chicken wire. This will reduce the possibility of the raw ends poking you or snagging on your clothes.

Step 3

Form the chicken wire into a cylinder and stand it on end in the location you chose in Step 1.

Step 4

Cut 4- to 6-inch lengths of the heavy gauge wire to make ties to fasten the ends of the chicken wire cylinder together. Secure the cut ends of the chicken wire where you turned the ends under in Step 2.

Step 5

Place the wooden posts evenly spaced around the inside of the chicken wire cylinder. One at a time, hold each post tightly against the chicken wire and use the hammer to pound it into the ground. These will support the compost bin as you fill it up with organic matter.

Tips and Warnings

  • Do not add fats, oils, meats or the feces of domestic animals to your compost pile. The former attract wildlife and the latter can spread disease. From the kitchen use trimmings of fruits and vegetables, coffee grounds, tea bags, egg shells, and shredded paper.

Things You'll Need

  • 10-feet of 36-inch wide, 1-inch galvanized chicken wire
  • Pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • Heavy gauge wire for ties
  • Hammer
  • 3 to 4 wooden posts made from 2-inch by 2-inch dimensional lumber, about 4-feet tall


  • How to make a simple composting bin.

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