How to Use Garden Benches in the Garden


Garden benches create a warm welcome to any space. You can situate them in vegetables gardens or along your garden wall. Tucked alongside an outdoor pool or under your backyard arbor, a bench provides a tranquil seating location. Available in wood, metal and concrete, benches can also match and blend with all design palettes. Used to relax after a long day or for a stop along your garden stroll, they will provide you with a lifetime of enjoyment.

Step 1

Create a space in your flower garden for resting tired feet or enjoying a moment of peace and quiet in the late afternoon. Buy a storage bench to use to store the gardening tools and outdoor hoses. After you water and tend to your landscape, you can relax among your plants.

Step 2

Nestle a cedar bench alongside an herb or vegetable garden. Use this space to watch your veggies and plants grow. Bring in a comfortable pillow to use while sitting in your garden space.

Step 3

Set a bench along the sidewalk in front of your home to greet neighbors and friends. You'll provide a spot for the community to rest their achy legs while strolling the neighborhood.

Step 4

Situate a bench under your favorite shade tree as a welcoming spot to enjoy in the evening. Add an outdoor dining table in front of the bench to use for outdoor dinners and holiday parties.

Step 5

Use a bench against the wall on your front porch to create an inviting space to enjoy in the evening. Use two to three benches side-by-side for large families. You'll find no better place to catch up on the day's event than on the front porch with family.


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