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Palm trees are mainly tropical plants that belong to the family Palmae, or Arecaceae. Many different species of palms exist, and adding them to your landscape can make a dramatic statement, as they make good specimen trees.

Palm tree


Palm trees composed approximately 3,000 species and more than 230 generas. Only a few are indigenous to the United States.


Palm trees will grow best if planted outside in zones 8, 9 or 10. Grow a palm in a container in zones lower than 8. They will not tolerate cold weather.


There are two major groups of palm trees: palmate palms have fan-shaped leaves, and pinnate palms have feather-like leaves.


The palm tree's flowers are usually small and insignificant. The flowers will turn into seeds when ripe. Some seeds turn into fruits such as dates or coconuts.


Palm trees grow best in sandy, well-draining soil. Amending with organic matter is an option but not required.


Palm trees need to be placed in areas with full to partial sun.


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