Information About Water Hyacinth


Water hyacinth is also known as Eichhornia crassipes and is a member for the Pickerel weed family (Pontederiaceae). It is an aquatic plant with light purple flowers.

Water hyacinth grows in many lakes and rivers.


Water hyacinth has thick, spoon-like leaves and spongy leaf stalks with roots that hang 1 foot or more in length. A spike of flowers with yellow spots is approximately 6 inches tall with five to 20 blooms.


For best growth, water hyacinth needs full sun. As long as it doesn't dry completely out, it will continue growing.


It is hardy in the USDA hardiness zones of 8 (example: south Georgia or Texas) to 11 (example: lower Florida).


Water hyacinth is on Florida's prohibited plants lists and can be invasive. It reduces both the biodiversity and the oxygen levels of water communities.

Fun Fact

Water hyacinth is one of the fastest-growing plants in the world.


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