What Are the Benefits of Cedar Mulch for Gardens?

Cedar mulch is not only a good way to improve your garden's aesthetic appeal, but the health of your plants as well. Cedar mulch-- ground or shredded pieces of cedar bark--is used by many avid gardeners and lawn care specialists. The color is an appealing option for many homeowners. Use cedar mulch when creating a new garden, or to give an older one a new look. Buy it at almost any garden supply store, and while it is a bit more expensive than traditional soil, it offers an array of benefits.


Because cedar mulch comes from the bark of trees, it is both renewable and recycled. Instead of filling your garden with processed soil, cedar mulch can be bought in an organic form, with little or no additives. Unlike peat moss, which is mined from a limited supply of peat bogs, cedar mulch is not known to have any damaging effects on the environment. Additionally, because of the cedar's organic makeup, the mulch will add many nutrients to the soil surrounding your plants. As the mulch breaks down and releases these vital nutrients, the plants will grow taller, thicker and more bountifully.

Detracts Insects

Cedar mulch naturally releases an aroma that humans generally find appealing, but insects detest it. The fragrant cedar mulch repels a variety of insects that are pests to any garden or lawn. Such pests as termites, roaches and even crickets will be in less abundance in your yard if it is laid with cedar mulch. By ridding your garden of these pests, your plants will also benefit and be able to grow unhampered by their destructive presence.

Weed Control

When cedar mulch is covering the ground thickly and densely enough, it will both help kill existing weeds and stop the growth of new ones. As the cedar mulch is thicker than regular soil, it will block the sunlight from the established weeds, thus killing them over time. This same principle works to deter new weed growth, as they would not have access to the necessary sunlight to grow either.

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