How to Plant Acorns in Pots


Oak trees are not designed to grow to maturity in a pot. But given the right nutrients and the proper amount of sunshine, an oak tree will grow to the size of its container. The slow-growing tree will look attractive in its pot for a few years until you are ready to transplant it outside.

Step 1

Choose an acorn. Find an oak tree and choose the fattest, healthiest-looking acorn that you can find on the ground near it.

Step 2

Select a pot. The size of the pot will determine how large your oak tree will grow before you need to transplant it. Keep in mind that oak trees produce long taproots. As your tree establishes itself, check periodically to see if the taproot is curling around the bottom of the container. If it is, move the tree to a larger pot.

Step 3

Fill the pot with 50 percent potting soil and slow-release fertilizer and 50 percent sphagnum peat moss.

Step 4

Plant the acorn on its side just beneath the surface of the soil.

Step 5

Water the soil until it is moist.

Step 6

Place the pot where it will receive indirect sunlight until the acorn germinates.

Step 7

Water the soil regularly. Potted plants generally require more water than those grown outdoors in the soil. Keep the soil moist, checking it more than once a day if necessary.

Step 8

Wait for your oak tree to sprout. Germination times will vary depending on the variety of oak that you have planted.

Things You'll Need

  • Potting soil
  • Slow-release fertilizer
  • Pot


  • Oaks
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