How to Choose a Plant Pot for a Balcony


Almost any type of plant can grow outside on a balcony, but it's important that the plant grows in a pot that's suitable for use on a balcony. Garden stores cater to plants and pots that are specific for hanging or placing on balconies. The most common type of pot that you may see on a balcony is a terra cotta pot, which is a clay pot that comes in all shapes and sizes. However, just about any type of container or pot can work on your balcony, but you must also consider the type of plant that will grow in the pot. Also, you don't want a lightweight pot for a plant that attracts birds or pests that could knock the plant over.

Step 1

Decide what type of plants you want to grow. Before you decide on the pot, you'll need to determine the size and type of pot by knowing what plants you want to grow outdoors. For vine plants you can consider purchasing a pot that you can hang from the roof of your balcony.

Step 2

Find a pot that will not leak water. It's important to use a pot that has at least 4-inch-diameter holes and nothing bigger, as a pot that constantly drips water could become a major nuisance if there are people living below you.

Step 3

Choose the material of the pot. Terra cotta, plastic, foam, fiberglass, ceramic and wood pots can all be suitable for use on your balcony as long as they can support your plant and potting soil, and fit easily.

Step 4

Consider the appearance of the pot since it will most likely be visible to people outside. Many pots for outdoors and balconies come with baskets or exterior containers that are designed to match the style and arrangement of the plants on your balcony.

Step 5

Decide on where you want the pot to be placed on your balcony. Typically, you'll want to make sure the plant gets plenty of sunlight and isn't in an area that has a lot of shade. Pots are typically placed on the railings of balconies but risk falling off. Consider purchasing a steckling pot that slides over the banister on your balcony like a saddle so that it can't fall off.

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