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Citrus trees of all varieties make great specimen trees to add to landscapes in the subtropical and tropical areas of the United States. They are beautiful trees, with deep green foliage, that also produce edible fruits. The family of citrus includes oranges, tangerines, kumquats, lemons, limes, grapefruits, pummelos as well as others.

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Citrus trees prefer to grow in sandy, well-draining soils. Citrus trees will die if planted in soil that is soggy and retains water.

Light Requirements

Citrus trees need at least four to five hours of sunlight per day. Container-grown trees need placement in areas with high light.

Cold Protection

All citrus trees are cold-sensitive plants and need protection from the cold. Bring trees grown in containers indoors and cover outdoor plants with blankets and lights if a freeze is predicted. Plant all varieties of citrus outside in zones 9 and 10. Cooler regions should grow citrus in containers.


Citrus trees grown outdoors will need a deep water application once a week. Container trees need water only when the soil is dry to the touch.


Fertilize citrus trees in the spring and fall with a citrus fertilizer. Add an extra application of manure or compost to the soil underneath the canopy.


Citrus trees need pruning only to have dead wood or any growth right above the graft removed. Wait until late spring to trim off any damaged branches.


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