How to Plant Tulips in a Pot


When one thinks of tulips one thinks of Holland. However, tulips are originally from Asia and were only brought to Holland in the 1500s. Tulips are a great flower bulb to plant outside or in a container. They sprout forth lovely flowers heralding the coming of spring. Many tulip varieties are hardy through zones 4 to 8, so they will grow well in cold climates. Planting tulips in pots is fairly easy and one of the best ways to plant them if you do not live in ideal tulip territory.

Step 1

Choose a variety of tulip that will grow well in your growing conditions. There are many tulip varieties available, from perennial tulips to double flowered tulips.

Step 2

Choose a pot big enough for the number of tulips you want to plant in it. The pot should be about six inches deep, and wide enough that each bulb has a spacing of about an inch between them. The container also must be well-drained.

Step 3

Prepare your tulips' container. Fill the bottom of the container with a sandy potting soil (ref 3) to about two or three inches in depth.

Step 4

Plant your tulips in fall. Place the tulip bulbs in the pot and cover them with sandy potting soil. Make sure they have about an inch or soil over the top of the bulb and an inch of space between each bulb.

Step 5

Water your tulips well, keeping the soil moist.

Step 6

Place the pot in a area with indirect sunlight to keep them cool during the winter. You may bring them inside if the temperature dips below their hardiness zone, but do not place them anywhere warmer than 60 degrees F.

Tips and Warnings

  • Do not let the soil around the tulips dry out. The need to be kept cool and moist, but not soaking, while they are growing.

Things You'll Need

  • Well-drained pot
  • Sandy potting soil


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