What You Need To Fertilize Orange Trees

Orange trees are both fragrant and beautiful, but the real reward comes at harvest time. Orange trees are generally found in hotter, humid environments, as their ideal temperature range is between 50 to 100 degrees F. In addition to making sure that the trees have enough sunshine and the ideal temperatures to flourish, the surrounding soil needs to be addressed as well. This is why many successful farmers of orange groves take great care in administering the best fertilization products for their trees.

Fertilizer with Nitrogen

There are many different brands of fertilizer, each with varying amounts of nitrogen added to them. The amount of nitrogen added is directly related to just how much fertilize needs to be administered to the orange trees. For optimum growth of the orange trees, 1.5 pounds of nitrogen should be added to the surrounding soil each year. With that number in mind, you can then divide the amounts of fertilizer added to the grove. It is generally best to split up the fertilizing into three different times. The fertilizer can be bought in pellets, tablets or powder form, and regardless of what kind you buy, you want to be certain that they gradually supply the amounts of nitrogen and other products instead of acting too quickly and overloading the soil all at once.

Proper Soil

It may go without saying, but each different plant and tree requires a different environment and soil make up to grow to its full potential. Orange trees work best with a more basic soil, where the pH level is above 7, so it is prudent to ensure that the soil the tree is planted in is not too acidic. Additionally, you need to be sure that the soil is well drained and isn't prone to holding too much water, as too much water content in the soil will lead to root degeneration.

Apply Mulch

While it is always a general practice to refresh the top soil when you are fertilizing your orange tree, it is also an excellent measure to add mulch to the surface as well. Mulch not only provides further vital nutrients to the roots of the orange tree, but will aid in keeping the water content of the soil within the optimum range. Spread the mulch evenly around the base of the trees, and it will help save water and make sure the soil isn't too damp.

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