Lawn Weed Treatments

The bane of many homeowners and gardening enthusiasts is, of course, weeds. Those pesky, unwanted plants seem to spring up wherever and whenever they find the chance and a suitable opportunity. Meticulously picking the weeds out can be not only a mind-numbing and time-consuming task, but also ineffective as the weeds will no doubt only return again. That is why many lawn owners turn to other, more effective means to rid their grass of growing weeds. The earlier one intervenes and proactively works to get rid of the weeds the better, as it is much easier to kill them when they are young rather than after they have had time to age or spread.

Lawn Sand

This combination of ammonium sulphate, iron sulphate, and sand is both safe for the environment and often the first route when killing weeds in alawn. Because there are no chemicals to emit potentially toxic fumes, lawn sand presents no danger to animals, children or adults breathing in contaminated air. Apply lawn sand in drier weather; it generally works best during spring or summer. The sand tends to slide off the finer blades of grass while it adheres to the rough broad leaves of weeds. The sand kills the leaves and then the weeds themselves. Purchase it at a garden specialty shop or a home improvement store.

Chemical Killers

For the tougher, hardier weeds that may withstand sand treatments, there are chemical killers. These are sold at almost any garden supply shop, and come from a variety of companies--many of them are of comparable make and efficiency. While many do emit toxic fumes, these chemicals will kill dandelions, plantain, hawkweed and buttercups. Spray these during the summer season, on a day when there isn't much wind to carry the fumes. Read the directions on each bottle, as some require that you refrain from cutting your lawn after they are applied.

Spot Sprays

If the weeds in your lawn are concentrated in one particular area or easily accessible site, you may be tempted to simply buy a small bottle of a spot killer. These are usually made of chemicals that will kill the weeds when sprayed directly to their surface, as the spray works down into the soil and to the roots. Purchase these hand-held products a garden supply store. These work very well, and are an easier way to spot check your lawn during any time of the year.

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