Information on Cherry Tomato Plants


Cherry tomato plants are vigorous growers and highly productive. One plant is often enough to satisfy the needs of a family with the amount of tomatoes it produces. They are suitable for containers, hanging baskets or limited garden space.

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Plant Size

Cherry tomato plants range in height from dwarf to 6-feet-high. There are even indeterminate growth types where the tomato plants keep growing throughout the season, setting tomatoes all the way up the length of the plant.


Cherry tomato plants produce small, round fruit that is around 1 to 1 1/2 inches in diameter. The fruit will become ripe in about 65 to 75 days.


Splitting in a tomato is where the outer skin breaks open. This is more of a problem with cherry tomatoes than with full-sized tomatoes.


Some types of cherry tomato plants are Super Sweet 100, Sweet Million, Yellow Pear, Chocolate Cherry, Mountain Belle, Tiny Tim, Cherry Gold and Patio.

Fun Fact

Aztecs were using a small yellow tomato before the first Europeans discovered the Americas. They prepared it with peppers and salt, creating one of the very first salsas.


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