Herb Garden Planning


Herb gardens are ideal additions to any landscape. They can be created to fit the gardener's personality, loves and attitudes, either as a whimsical, magical place or a medicinal culinary cabinet. It is important to plan out your herb garden, a location, types of herbs planted and a theme.

Step 1

Decide on where you want to plant the herb garden. It can be a corner of your garden or patio, or a large space for many plants. Determine how much sun the area gets, and how much shade. Most herbs need full sun daily, but there are some that grow with much less.

Step 2

Decide what the purpose or theme of your garden will be. Do you want it to be decorated with not just herbs, but also flowers, decorations, twinkle lights or bird feeders? Will you use it mostly to grow culinary or medicinal herbs? Or do you want a place to relax that is green and fertile? These all pertain to your personality and lifestyle.

Step 3

Decide what types of herbs you want to grow in your garden from visiting nurseries or parks. This largely depends on where you live. Learn which herbs grow best in your climate and soil. Notice what plants and designs appeal to you and why, and take lots of notes and photographs.

Step 4

Mix up your garden with different containers and pots, but plan to place herbs in the ground as well. It is ideal to sketch out a drawing of how you want your herb garden to look. Pots and containers will enlarge or make a border around a ground herb garden. The good thing with herbs in containers is you can bring them inside if it is too hot or cold outside.

Step 5

Decide how to enclose your garden, if you want a fence, trellis, container border, or nothing at all. Add other decorations, like fake butterflies, bird fountains, mini-waterfalls (to attract wildlife). Plus, the moisture in the air from the water will make the scent of the herbs and flowers even stronger. Even if there is no purpose, the water will provide a sense of tranquility. The key is to create an herb garden that can provide privacy, structural interest and charming decor.

Things You'll Need

  • Herb garden area
  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Containers
  • Decorations
  • Herbs
  • Gardening supplies
  • Water features


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