How to Grow Organic Fruit Trees


Organic fruit is incomparable in taste and nutrients. Although slightly more challenging to grow, organic fruit can produce and thrive in a home garden when proper care and preparation are in place, and the overall process is one that is both better for the environment and the family's kitchen table.

Step 1

Pre-treat the soil around the area that the tree will be planted in at least two growing seasons before actually planting the tree. For proper preparation, a 5-foot hole should be dug and filled in with either homemade or organic compost, hummus and the best soil from the original hole.

Step 2

Once ready to plant, dig the hole to the appropriate length and place the organic tree's root ball into the hole. Verify that the tree is straight and fill in the hole with soil. Cover the area with organic mulch and water the new tree.

Step 3

Plant herbs such as thyme, mint and lavender near the tree to attract bees and keep insects such as crickets at bay. If observing a great deal of harmful insect behavior, spray the tree's leaves and budding fruit with an organic plant spray. Plant sprays can be purchased at local garden stores or made at home with recipes such as one found at

Things You'll Need

  • Homemade or store-bought organic compost
  • Organic plant spray
  • Insect-attracting herbs


  • Gardening

Who Can Help

  • Natural Sprays for Fruit Trees
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