Verbena Plant Information


Available in many varieties, the verbena is a perennial flower that can be easily grown and rewards its growers with bountiful, showy blooms.

Plant Characteristics

The verbena plant is a heat tolerant plant that produces pink, purple or red blooms. With proper care, the verbena plant will endure from one year to the next.

Verbena Types

There are three types of verbena plants: the annual verbena, perennial verbena and hybrids. The differences among the varieties vary from the life of the plant to the size of flower it produces.

Planting Tips

Verbena is a sun-loving plant. It also requires well-drained soil. Apply a slow-release fertilizer at least once a month.

Pruning Tips

After the plant's first bloom, cut back about one-fourth of the top growth. Carefully remove old flowers but take caution not to expose the main stems. Prune the plant at least two or three times per season.

Plant Pests

Verbena can become infested with spider mites if it is not watered or fertilized properly. Thrips and leaf miners can also pose a threat to the plant and can be treated with either a synthetic or organic spray.


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