How to Store Beans


Beans are a wonder food: inexpensive, full of protein, and delicious in a number of healthy dishes. Dried beans are easy to store, and will keep almost indefinitely. Frozen beans are convenient and easily re-heated, and will keep up to 3 months. Always have some beans on hand, and you'll always be ready for an impromptu meal.

Storing Dried Beans

Step 1

Spread dried beans on a large tray or cookie sheet. Dispose of any shriveled beans, and watch for small rocks that sometimes get mixed in with the beans.

Step 2

Put the beans in a glass or plastic container with a lid that fits very snugly. You can also store them in Ziploc bags.

Step 3

Label the container, noting what type of bean is stored inside, and the date. Store the beans at room temperature.

Storing Frozen Beans

Step 1

Cook the beans in boiling water until they're slightly underdone. Remove the pan from the heat and allow the beans to cool until they're just warm, but not hot.

Step 2

Drain off about half of the liquid. Put the cooled beans in a plastic storage container.

Step 3

Label the container and store it in the freezer. The beans will be best if they're used within 3 months.


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