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The Norway spruce tree ranks among the most adaptable. hardiest and longest-living spruce trees in the world. Native to Europe and planted throughout the world, the tree is suited to USDA planting zones 2 to 8, given annual rainfall of 20 inches or more.

Norway Spruce are conifers native Europe. image by "gust" is Copyrighted by Flickr user: jenny downing (jenny downing) under the Creative Commons Attribution license.

Early Growth

The Norway spruce tree will reach up to 35 feet in height in just 20 years. At one time it was grown for Christmas/holiday trees, but lost its needles too quickly after cutting.

Long Term Growth

The average Norway spruce grows to a height of 130 feet over its lifetime. The tree reaches its maximum growth rate of 2 feet per year between years 20 and 60.


Over its lifetime, the Norway Spruce may spread up to 50 feet, given enough room.

Root System

The root system is shallow and wide-spread. A 140-year-old Norway Spruce forest in Europe had an average root depth per tree of 12 inches.


In its native climate, the trees can live up to 400 years and grow up to 200 feet tall at the northernmost extent of its habitat. Trees growing further south are shorter-lived.


The Norway Spruce adapts by adjusting its growth to suit the climate. It is shorter in the South, taller and longer living in the North.


  • Norway Spruce - Picea abies

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