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Plant care varies depending on the type of plant grown. You should know the basic requirements, whether for indoor or outdoor plants, to give them optimal care.

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Consider the best location for your plant. Plants that require full sun should be grown in those conditions and shade-loving ones should be located in shady areas.


Plant care concerning soil is very important, especially for potted plants. Use the correct type of soil required for each plant, such as well draining, sandy or damp.


Adjust the pH level of the soil through fertilizer. Alter the level by adding organic matter such as well-rotted manure or peat moss.


Provide the specific water requirements of your plants. Plants cannot survive without this basic need, but over watering can kill plants.


Plant care includes providing the ideal temperatures needed for growing your plants. Some plants grow better in cooler temperatures or at certain times of the year, and others thrive in the hot summer months outside or well-heated places inside.


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