Facts About Orchid Cactus


Orchid cactus (Epiphyllum) is identified and grown for the magnificent and aromatic blossom that it has. The flower will open in the evening and then close again. However, some varieties will remain open for days before closing.


The orchid cactus, like other Epiphyllum is from Central and South America. It is an epiphytic cacti with beginnings in the rainforest.


The orchid cactus is a true cacti. The large size, aroma and form of the blossom are from the Epiphyllum genes. The remarkable colors mainly are from the cactus genera.


Orchid cactus should get a couple of hours of partial sun daily. Good locations include inside a home, on a sundeck or beneath a tree receiving filtered sunlight.


The blossoming period is typically April, May and June. The flowers are produced from the previous year's leaves.


Orchid cactus prefer cool evening temperatures between 45-50 degrees. It can remain outside as long as the temperature is above 28 degrees.


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