How to Plant Bulbs in Baskets


A basket can be used for a lot of things, including as a container for planting and raising flower bulbs. While many baskets are aesthetically pleasing, some are used for function and are planted outdoors in the ground--with the bulbs planted inside--for easy winter mobility. In-ground baskets also protect the bulbs from other invasive plants. Ideally, plant bulbs in baskets when you first get them or store them in some moist peat moss in a cool and dry location until you're ready.

Step 1

Decide on a basket size; if you already have a basket, decide which type of bulbs will grow best in it for its size. Larger bulbs need larger baskets and vice versa. In addition, some bulbs need to be planted deeper than others. For example, narcissus bulbs (daffodils) need to be planted 8 inches deep while snowdrop bulbs only need to be planted 3 inches deep; however, these are recommended planting depths for outdoors. Indoors, bulbs can be planted slightly closer to the surface.

Step 2

Line your basket if it is not already lined. If the basket is tightly woven, you may not need a liner. Also, if you plan on planting the whole basket in the ground, you don't need to worry about a liner.

Step 3

Fill the basket with soil. Regular potting soil will suffice. Moisten it prior to planting, but do not saturate it.

Step 4

Plant your bulbs with the tips sticking up. If you are planning on keeping the basket indoors, you can plant the bulbs a couple inches closer to the surface of the soil than the recommended digging depths. You can also plant multiple bulbs closer together than you can outdoors. Planting the bulbs closer together in a basket may look nicer, and as the bulbs multiply over the years, you can easily dig them up and split them.

Things You'll Need

  • Basket
  • Liner
  • Soil
  • Water


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