Information on the Orange Fruit


Oranges are a popular fruit that are usually grown in California and Florida. Tasty and helpful to the waistline, oranges make guilt-free snacks. Orange juice is also satisfying first thing in the morning.


Oranges grow on orange trees, which are tropical plants that are native to China.


The orange fruit is orange to reddish in color and has a round shape. The inside of the orange is made up of cells that are separated by white cell walls.


Due to their sweet and slightly acidic taste, oranges are often added to salads in order to bring out the flavor of the rest of the vegetables.


Although high in sugar, oranges are also high in vitamin C, thiamine, folate and potassium. They also serve as a viable source of fiber.


The fruits help the body develop healthy bones, less congestion, healthy teeth, low blood pressure, lower cholesterol and healthy brain development.


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